Jan 31, 2022Liked by Neeraj Arora

Dear Neeraj sir,

You are for me one of the most influential person, the way my life would be is shaped by many factors and your wisdom and my luck that it came on my journey is one among such major factors,

You as a teacher, being a audit student I can say are brilliant, amazing, out of the world Sir,

Never so far in my CA career I have seen a teacher with whom I can connect much as I can connect with you,

As a mentor you are providing priceless wisdom,

You are simply doing a great job in adding meaning to the life of your students and through them to the society at large.

Love you sir...

Ashutosh Shriwas

Student From Audit 2022 live batch

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Jan 31, 2022Liked by Neeraj Arora

Love you sir thankyou

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