May 27, 2021 • 11M

Your Biggest Enemy | Neeraj Arora Reflections | Episode 26

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Hi Guys! In this podcast, I am telling you about Your Biggest Enemy.

Your biggest enemy is your Smartphone. Smartphone is a great technological leap for people. It has brought people together as never before and made life much more easier. But like any other technology, it has its dark side. It surely can become people worst enemy if not used properly. This is true if a man becomes a slave of the mobile. Exessive use of mobiles and internet addiction and getting hooked to social media can affect your physical and mental health in the long run.

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Neeraj Arora is a trusted and household name in the CA fraternity. He is regarded as one of the top faculties to teach the subjects of Income Tax, Strategic Management, Auditing and Assurance, and GST. A teacher by passion, and an entrepreneur by profession, Neeraj is committed to spreading the guiding principles of Financial Atmanirbharta (Financial Independence) and has shared more than 1,200 videos on YouTube with more than 7 Lakh Subscribers on his main channel - Neeraj Arora. An avid investor and forever a learner, Neeraj sir has touched the lives of more than 1 million people through his YouTube Channels.

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