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What is Stoicism? | Neeraj Arora reflection | Episode 45

What is Stoicism? | Neeraj Arora reflection | Episode 45

Hi Guys! In this podcast, I am talking about Stoicism. Stoicism or Stoic philosophy has existed since Hellenistic Greece. The philosophy is vaguely but rightly related to the english word ‘stoic’.

Philosophers believed that our emotions (love, hate, envy, frustration, passion, etc.) are all based upon our perception and judgement of a situation.

Stoicism is a philosophical approach designed for problem-solving and dealing with our problems in general. Problems and change are the only permanent things in life.

Stoicism as an approach helps us deal with our problems in a way that doesn’t lead us into experiencing these emotions very frequently.

In this podcast, we discuss the various facets of Stoicism and their application in our personal and professional lives.

Stoicism is a tool that all of us- students, entrepreneurs, working professionals - human beings, in general, can employ to deal with our sufferings and to give our best shot in any situation.

To learn how to employ stoicism in your life, listen the full podcast.


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Neeraj Arora Reflections
Neeraj Arora Reflections 🎙
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