Mar 22, 2021 • 7M

Two Habits of Highly Productive People | ये दोनो habits आपकी Life बदल देंगी | Neeraj Arora

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Hi! My name is Neeraj Arora. I am a Teacher By Passion! I have trained more than 50,000 CA Students and Students from other courses such as Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, BBA, MBA etc. Mission - To Inspire people To DO MORE! On this podcast, I will provide you audios related to motivation & lifestyle. I will provide you proven Study Tips and Guidance For Increasing Your Productivity. Stay connected with this podcast for a lot of motivation & positivity.
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Hey guys! In this podcast, we will be discussing one of my favourite topics that draw people’s attention to the centre stage of motivation.

Yes! In this podcast, I am going to talk about the TOP 2 Most Productive Habits of Rich & Successful People in this world.

Whenever you think of success, all of us are mostly inclined towards the riches of these people. We only see what they want us to see and that is the success and wealth that they have created.

But behind all that success is a secret framework and socha samjha hua plan that can only be executed if you have the right tools and skill-set.

Even if you have the required skill-set, there is no guarantee that you will be able to achive your goals, but what if I tell you that there are 2 secret weapons that you can deploy which will automatically streamline your goals and milestones.

I am talking about – Focus and Self Control.

Watch the video till the end wherein I will be walking you through the exact dynamics of nitty-gritties of these 2 highly under-rated but extremely valuable qualities that you must imbibe in your life if you truly wish to achieve something great for yourself and our country. 

0:00​ – Introduction

0:07​ – The Two Most Important Pillars Or Foundations Of Becoming Successful in Life

0:33​ – Why Should We Think About Self Control & Focus Seriously

1:02​ – Self Control Is Very Underrated

1:50​ – I Have Stopped Following Everyone On Social Media

2:00​ – Your First Asset Is Nothing More Than Self-Control & Taking Charge Of Your Life

2:22​ – As The Value Of This Asset Increases, You Inch Closed Towards Your Goals

2:30​ – We Have Becomes Slaves Of Social Media and Guilty Pleasures

3:06​ – You Are The Product In The World Of Social Media

3:15​ – You Can Access All My Communities On My Private Application On

3:40​ – Your Second Asset Is Focus

3:50​ – By Improving Your Attention Span, You Can Understand Complex Things Easily

4:32​ – What Is Distracting You? Tell Me Down In The Comments

4:42​ – Self Control & Focus Are Interrelated & Highly Underrated

5:10​ – Are You Happy With Your Current Life?


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