Jul 22, 2021 • 7M

How To Achieve Freedom | Neeraj Arora reflection | Episode 48

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Hi Guys! In this podcast, I'm talking about a quote from Epictetus.
"Freedom is not achieved by satisfying desire, but by eliminating it".
These wise words were said by Epictetus, a Greek philosopher and an exponent of stoic ethics of the 1st and early 2nd Centuries C.E.
Human beings, You and I, we all have desires of various shapes and sizes. We are always longing for more! More Money, A bigger house, A bigger car, A newer phone, more knowledge, more fame etc.
Every time we achieve a desire, we start wanting the next best thing. We are stuck in a vicious cycle, running behind materialistic things one after the other!
How do we gain freedom then? In order to achieve FREEDOM we must eliminate the desire to achieve the next best thing.
Listen to this podcast to get a deeper insight on the subject.

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