Neeraj Arora Reflections
Neeraj Arora Reflections 🎙
Don’t Feel Like Studying | Try This | Dhasu MOTIVATION By Neeraj Arora Sir

Don’t Feel Like Studying | Try This | Dhasu MOTIVATION By Neeraj Arora Sir

Hi guys in this podcast we will be talking about one of the most common and frustrating problems of most students in India.

Any guesses?

Absolutely! I am talking about the lack of motivation and constant bickering and frustration when it comes to studying.

I do not blame you! In this world of distraction and social media, all of us have been unable to meet our goals and deadlines, but this excuse turns into a horror movie when you are unable to pass your exams and get ahead in your career.

It is for this reason that in today’s podcast, I will be talking about some of my own personal hacks that I have used when I was your age to get work done and pass with flying colors in my exam.

HACK NUMBER 1: The moment you wake up, plan the first 4-5 hours of your schedule, and ensure that your mobile phone is far away from your sight. When we sleep and wake up in the morning, our minds are designed to work with best focus, and it can only be achieved early in the morning.

HACK NUMBER 2: If you are studying on your mobile phone, then disable all the notifications and ensure that no social media app is installed or pings on your phone (YES! Including WhatsApp if possible)

Whenever you start your day with a mobile phone, then all your focus is 100% lost and you will not be able to study. All the apps on your phone are designed to scout for your attention and drain you of all your energy as the day ends.

As you know that in 2021, it is impossible to stay away from Social Media because social media has 2 sides of the same coin.

On one end, social media can deprive you of your focus, energy, and concentration. On the other end, social media can give you so much knowledge, insights, and lot of value One thing that also baffles me is that when it comes to studying, you don’t have a dedicated time, but for social media – we become restless and want to get on our phone at any cost.

So here are some steps that I do the moment I wake up early in the morning:

- I wake up and after getting fresh, I meditate for a while

- After breakfast, I start my work and prepare a to-do list

- After the tone of my day is set, I get to work by switching off all mobile devices

That’s it ?

Yes! Life don’t have to be so complicated as much as we make it. So, without wasting any further time, work hard and celebrate harder.

The seeds of hard work we sow today will reap fruits of high rewards tomorrow. The choice is always yours. Think wisely, plan your day, study with focus, and BE UNSTOPPABLE!

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Neeraj Arora Reflections
Neeraj Arora Reflections 🎙
Hi! My name is Neeraj Arora.
I am a Teacher By Passion!
I have trained more than 50,000 CA Students and Students from other courses such as Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, BBA, MBA etc.
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