What Is Financial Freedom?

People ask me what financial freedom is?

What I have learnt is, It is complete control of your time. It is about internal happiness and peace. It is about giving priority to physical and mental health. It is the freedom to learn more about your areas of interest.


It is not about leaving work. It is not about working only when you feel like it. It is about working because you love what you do. It is what sets you in a flow state of mind.


It is about living a frugal lifestyle. Spending on things that matter or things you will be using to provide value or become efficient.

It is about NOT justifying your wants. It is about making decisions based on facts rather than emotions.


It is not at all about an enormous amount of money. (For sure you need a good amount of money to have control of your time)

It is about minimising your untamed desires but at the same ferociously pursuing the work you love with no monetary targets in mind.

You can be financially free and still create a lot of value for others in this world.

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Thought process and mindset

It is about understanding the difference between things you can control and things you cannot. It is a serene feeling. It is a wholesome experience. It is a journey and not a destination.

To be truly financially free, you will have to overcome hatred, envy, jealousy, and you need to learn to enjoy the success of others.

Here are my two videos that may help you in becoming financially independent and enjoy your life

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