Want To Follow Your Passion?

“I don’t know my passion”. Ok, I will also come to that point, but first let me address people who know what their calling is, what their passion is.

I know most of you are pursuing a professional course or right now you are doing your graduation or PG, but you always wanted to pursue something else, like dance, painting, acting, creating websites, developing software or something else, organising and management of events, public speaking. 

The thing which you can do day in and day out and you will not see the clock at all. (If you don’t what that thing is, don’t worry there is way to find out).

It is not at all sure that you will become a master at it because of social pressure and need of the hour to do something else. I will suggest not to leave it or forget it completely. You should stay in touch with your calling and keep learning about it and keep practising it, if not full time then at least 10 to 15% of your total work time.

See, it will be amazing if you can do it full time, but due to practical limitations (not in every case), we are bound to a formal system of education and thereafter to a streamlined life of marriage, family etc.

If you will stop doing what you love, you will die! Not in real life for sure but you will empty from inside because then you will just be working for money and others.

If you keep in touch with whatever your calling is, there are high chances that one day you will apply all that you have learnt in your job or business or education integrating with your true calling and then you will be truly satisfied!

Your love for boxing or any sport can make you a coach or referee or even a team manager or strategist, but you have to stay in touch with boxing.

Even after being a Chartered Accountant, you may end up owning a software company because your true calling was software.

Neeraj Arora

सीखते रहे, क्यूँकि सीखना बंद तो जीतना बंद