Investing In Stock Markets In 2021

Most of the apps (but not all) that we are using to understand investing, stock markets, to invest in stock markets, etc., are creating complications.

Investing itself is very simple. It is made complicated by us.

The problem is if something is simple, it doesn't attract eyeballs.

People know this, and hence they create complicated solutions for a straightforward activity like investing.

Most of us fall for them and complicate our investing.

In the name of news, there is only noise that ultimately influences our decision-making for the benefit of the people creating such noise.

The more news channels, apps, YouTube videos, finance gurus etc., you will follow and listen to, the more confused you will become.

To harness the power of investing in equity, just do this.

    • Invest in index funds.
    • Invest in one or two active mutual funds after basic research.
    • If you still have some money, invest in the market leaders.

    Market leaders are the companies with competent and honest management, low competition, selling essential products. These leaders are clearly visible.

    No need to go for research on companies you don't know.

    After you are done with your insurances and emergency funds, try to invest as much as possible.

    Try to increase your active income as much as possible and accordingly increase your investment amount also.

    Stay away from debt.

    Don't sacrifice your education or skill-building process to invest or trade in stock markets.

    An average return of 13 to 14% per annum will make you super rich in 20 to 30 years.

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