How Meditation Helped Me?


1. To be calm.

2. To maintain balance.

3. It taught me to forgive and forget.

4. Reduced the restlessness.

5. Helped me enhancing my concentration and focus.

6. Increased awareness of the task or the moment I am in.

7. Gradually It is changing my overall character, beliefs and inner thought process.

8. Dealing with ups and downs of life.

9. Taking decisions.

10. It helped in improving my intuition.

11. Improving my relationships.

12. Helped me in staying away from distractions.

13. Avoiding unnecessary debates etc.

14. Getting out of unfruitful addictions.

15. Reducing the inclination towards immediate gratification.

16. Much more…

Start now guys, I was late in this.

Your first priority must be to make peace with yourself and clean your inner soul gradually.

Have my word, everything will fall in place for sure.

Having peace with yourself doesn’t mean mediocre performance, rather it will boost your performance to unprecedented levels.

The first step is to know yourself truly and then start meditating without any goal.

You will be able to get a hold of your mind and that is all you can do.

Remember you cannot control the outer world at all, you can control your mind and mark my words it is a superpower.

Neeraj Arora