How do Fraudsters think? : Approach & Mentality

Thanks to Netflix, SonyLIV, and other OTT channels focusing extensively on uncovering the real story behind all the frauds in our country.

There is a new wave of growing interest in the subject of finance especially how our financial institutions function.

But, I think what’s more important is to realise the underlying approach and mentality that is almost consistent in every person who committed frauds worth of billions of dollars

My observation is that most of the fraudsters think in one of the following ways:

  • They think that they are smarter and superior to other people
  • They think that when they are able to siphon off funds worth billions, they will practically become so powerful that no law or country’s legal structure will be able to touch them
  • They have absolutely ZERO guilt or any kind of remorse for looting the country of their hard-earned taxpayers money

If I have to summarise these traits then it all boils down to an acute lack of EMPATHY, HUMILITY, and MODESTY.

Always remember, kar bhala toh ho bhala!

And vice versa!

Karma is real and IT will come back at you whether you are expecting it or not!

Neeraj Arora

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