7 Things People Expect To Make Money From That Never Works

"Paisa hi paisa hoga” - Raju from Hera Pheri

What is THAT 1 RELATIONSHIP that MOST Indians have totally messed up?

Girlfriends, Wives, Husbands, Parents?

Not at all. IT HAS TO BE MONEY!

Here are 7 things people expect to make MONEY from that almost NEVER works out!

1. Passive or (Casual) Stock Trading 

2. Gambling

3. “No Product” Network Marketing

4. Providing Service for (close) Relatives [most of the times this is FREE]

5. Playing with Cryptocurrencies

6. Real Estate Investment With ZERO Knowledge

7. Emotional/Impulsive Spending

I strongly believe in the philosophy that “Awareness precedes change”

Now if you are not even aware of these things

How will you ever ALLOW your MONEY to grow?

Neeraj Arora

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