5 Things Fit People Don't Do

I often say that no matter how much money you are able to generate in this world.

Nobody can replace your body in the hospital when you're sick.

Here are some 5 things incredibly fit people don't do

1. Restrict their diets - It’s ok to fill your diet with healthy nourishing meals.

But severely restricting your calories will do much more harm than good

2. Fear Weight Lifting - Combined with fueling your body properly, weight lifting regularly can help you build muscle mass and get leaner and fitter.

3. Ignore their bodies - Your body is smart. It will tell you when it’s hungry and full if you let it.

4. Counting Calories - All calories aren’t created equal.

100 calories from almonds will provide a lot more nutrients to you than a pack of cookies flooded with sugar

5. Eat Mostly Junk Food - Even if your body can process it and you don't feel any change

Young bodies will tolerate the damage from junk food, but don't feel invincible yet.

You will feel the burn of it once you cross your 40s.

👉🏻 Be Healthy Before Becoming #FinanciallyAatmnirbhar

Neeraj Arora

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